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Who Is the


by  Herbert  W.  Armstrong

Who Is the “BEAST”? If you have his mark, you must suffer the seven last PLAGUES! Is he a mysterious superman world dictator yet to appear? . . . Is he the Antichrist? . . . or a government? . . . or a church?

THE MOST important question of the hour is: What, or who, is the BEAST, the IMAGE of the beast, and the MARK of the beast spoken of in the book of Revelation?

Whatever this weird beast — whatever the baffling IMAGE — whatever the mysterious MARK — it behooves you and me to find out!

For it is those of this very present generation who shall be worshiping this beast or his image, or shall have received his mark, that will suffer the unspeakable torture of the SEVEN LAST PLAGUES!

Ignorance will not excuse! “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” says the Eternal, in Hosea 4:6. And the illustration of Ezekiel’s watchman shows that those who are unaware, because they are not warned, will suffer just the same. (Ezekiel 33:6; and 3:18.) God expects the spiritual leader of HIS PEOPLE to be His “watchman” (Ezekiel 33:7) and to warn the people.

The time is at hand! The plagues of God’s WRATH will soon be poured out, unmixed and undiluted — FULL STRENGTH — upon a heedless, God-defying world, and a careless, lukewarm, indifferent Christianity!

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