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The Bible




...and can you
prove it?

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Why is the world’s best selling book held in awe by some, in passive discredit by others, and understood by virtually none?

WHY the Book of mystery nobody seems to know? Why do the many churches of tradi­tional Christianity disagree about what the Bible says?

Have you ever PROVED whether, as the book itself purports, it is the authoritative Word of the Creator God? Rather, have you not simply assumed, from what you have heard, read or been taught, that it is either authentic, or else the religious writing of a small ancient Jewish race, groping in the darkness of human igno­rance and of superstition, trying to develop a concept of God?

If you are college or university educated, you have un­doubtedly been taught that humanity originated through the theoretical process called evolution. But the educated of this world in nearly all cases have been taught only one side of the subject of origins—the theory of evolution. On the con­trary most of those lacking higher education in the United States “Bible Belt,” for example, have been taught only, and accepted without PROOF, the teaching that the Bible is indeed the very Word of God.

A world famous evangelist has confessed publicly that he accepted the authority of the Bible without having seen it proved. Even though he had seen no real proof that the Bible is the authentic word of God, he had decided to accept it as such on sheer faith. But the Bible quotes God as saying: “Prove me now herewith . . . ” and again: “Prove all things.” This evangelist apparently accepted the authority of the Bible because he had “accepted Christ” and at the same time blindly accepted what those humans who led him into the acceptance of Christ themselves accepted.

Isn’t it about time—and the point of rational wisdom, that you PROVE this important question once and for all? Because, IF the Bible is in fact the inspired authentic Word of a living, all knowing, all powerful God, then your eternity will be judged by it.

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