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I Faced This Same Question

In the year of 1926, at age 34, I personally was faced with this question. I was challenged on both evolution and belief in God and the Bible. I was brought to realize that I had simply assumed, without proof, that a Creator God exists and that evolution was not the true explanation of origins. Both my marriage and my business life were at stake.

I realized I had made no in-depth study and research into either side of the question. The stakes were high. I delved into the most serious study and thorough research of my life. First I pursued thoroughly the works of Darwin, Haeckel, Huxley, Vogt and Chamberlin, and even of Lamarck before Darwin. Their works were learned, thought-provoking, although theoretical, and soon my head was swimming. I felt my mental underpinnings slipping away. I was confused. I realized that, though I had been reared in a family that had been of the Protestant faith for generations, I had simply ASSUMED, because of Sunday School upbringing, that God exists. Now it appeared evident, IF evolution be true, the existence of God was a myth. I had to be sure. I could no longer carelessly assume.

On the one hand studies in evolution shook my faith in God and the Bible. But in studying H.G. Wells’ book, The Outline of History, I noticed such statements in accepting the evolu­tionary theory as, “Scientific men have discussed the possibil­ity of life . . .” but they point merely to questionable possibili­ties. “They consider” thus and so. “Astronomers give us convincing reasons for supposing . . .” “We do not know how life began upon the earth.” “Probably the earliest forms of life were . . .” “They must have appeared . . .” “Speculations about geologic time vary enormously . . .” “There seems to be . . .” “The first jelly-like beginnings of life must have perished . . .”

I was amazed! Here is an accepted book based on evolu­tion. But expressions like “the possibility,” “they consider,” “convincing reasons for supposing,” “we do not know,” “probably,” “they must have,” “speculations about,” abound. Mr. Wells and the scientists did not seem to be SURE!

Then I looked into the Bible, discredited as it is by those who believe what they may suppose, what they do not know, what may well have been, etc., And in the Bible I found definite, positive statements expressed as in AUTHORITY. For example, in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” No “may have created.” Or “we do not know how the earth came.” No “we may well suppose.” No theories. Just the authoritative positive statement, “God created . . . . ” Then verse 3: “And God said, Let there be light, and there was light.” Not “perhaps,” not “we may well suppose,” but “ . . . there was light.” A definite, positive state­ment of AUTHORITY. All the way through the Bible I found it to be POSITIVE, definite, authoritative! The Bible claims to be the SURE Word of God. It is not unsure! It is not speculative.

Then in its chapter of origins, in Genesis, it explains definitely with authority how man originated, how the first man made a decision on which human civilization has been built—and it gives the only possible explanation of WHY we live today in a world of awesome materialistic progress and accomplishment, paradoxically with appalling and escalating evils. Evolution has no explanation and no solution to offer. The Bible has both.

Evolution gives no explanation of why humans exist on earth—of the present paradox of mounting evils accompany­ing awesome progress—no hope for the future of a world falling apart, about to destroy itself with the nuclear weapons of mass destruction. No explanation of the cause of the appalling evils and the hopeless future staring so many youths in the face today. The Bible explains it all. It reveals the causes, the present effects, and the tremendous PURPOSE being worked out here below.

Yes, but how do we KNOW, definitely, whether the Bible revelations are in fact TRUE? Personally I had to be SURE. I proved the existence of God to my satisfaction, and I PROVED the authenticity and authority of the Bible. That was satisfy­ing to me beyond words. But YOU! You have a mind of your own. You will be held responsible for how you analyze it. That is YOUR problem and not mine. I can only share with you what I have learned and proved, and you must be responsible for YOUR decisions.

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