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by  Herbert W. Armstrong

Is there any PURPOSE for human life? Does life, after all, have real MEANING YOU have never real­ized? You need to know!

AS HUMANITY created and put here on the earth by an intelligent and Almighty Creator for a defi­nite PURPOSE? And if so, what is that purpose — and WHY is humanity so totally unaware of it?

       Or, on the other hand, did human life develop, over a period of millions of years, from lower animal species, by the process of evolution? Did we humans come to be formed and shaped as we are purely by natural causes and resident forces?
       These are the two possibilities of origins. Today the theory of evolution has gained almost universal accep­tance in levels of higher learning.
       Yet biologists and the proponents of the evolutionary doctrine fail to show any definite purpose for the presence of the human family on this planet. Neither do they tell us why man is as he is — possessing such awesome intellec­tual and production powers that he can fly to the moon and return safely — but at the same time is utterly help­less before the onslaught of this world's problems, suffer­ings and evils. For that matter, neither has religion shown man his true purpose in life.
       It has suddenly become imperative that we find the answer. Suddenly humanity's number one problem has be­come the question of
SURVIVAL. And time is fast running out on us.
HY these mounting, fast-accelerating EVILS?
       Neither the evolutionary biologists nor the world's re­ligions have so far given any explanation. They offer no solutions. They give us

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Source: “Introduction”, pp. 1-4 in booklet:
Why Were You BORN?
by Herbert W. Armstrong, © 1957, 1972.

(To be continued . . .)

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