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Overview in Retrospect

We look back far into prehistory, at the beginning of life and all things.

There can be no understanding of the present without a right knowledge of origins. There is no greater cause to present-day perplexity than the false premise now holding universal acceptance in modern education—the theory of evolution.

I have learned, in a lifetime now in its 92nd year, that errors all too frequently arise from a false premise, carelessly assumed. The eyeglasses through which all modern thought is viewed is this theory of evolution. To my satisfaction, after in-depth study and research, the theory has been proven false. If you prefer to believe this illusion because it is presently the educational "IN" thing, you can have no rational understand­ing or explanation of the conditions of the world in which you live.

I have learned that basic original truth is revealed truth. Without it you are left devoid of the knowledge of reality. Evolution cannot explain the problems and frightening state of humanity. You cannot understand any purpose for human life. Your very existence is without meaning.

So I give you here the only rational approach and comprehension of conditions as they exist.

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