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Jesus Had Faith!

When Jesus walked the earth in human flesh, HE possessed faith!

Yet He said plainly, “Of myself, I can do NOTHING!”

Few realize that what He did — the miracles He performed — He did not do by any supernatural power of His own. Everything He did, every miracle He per­formed, was done literally through FAITH, setting us a beautiful example.

But how, then, did He perform His miracles, accom­plish His mighty works?

“The FATHER that dwelleth in me,” explained Jesus, “HE doeth the works.”

Yes, even as you and I may be, Jesus was filled with God’s Holy Spirit — God’s dynamic supernatural POWER! This power of God Almighty, the Creator, was literally in Jesus; and the same identical power of the same identical Living God may be within you today!

All the apostles and evangelists of the first century true Church of God did perform miracles, and even greater miracles than Jesus had performed, until even Peter’s shadow passing over the sick and afflicted caused them to be healed!

Peter, Stephen, Philip, Paul — all common, humble, ordinary men themselves — all had that power, the SAME identical power Jesus had, because they lived and walked CLOSE TO GOD and were filled with the Holy Spirit!

And we seem to LACK that power today, NOT because God denies us that power, but because we are so close to a modern, materialistic world — our minds are so filled with the material interests of this life; our minds and our hearts are so far from God; we are so out of touch with Him, through lack of enough time spent in the study of His Word and lack of enough of the right kind of surrendered, submissive, earnest and heartrend­ing PRAYER — and consequently, because we are not filled with the HOLY SPIRIT!

So now let’s ask two questions:

First, What is faith?

And second, How may we have it, and how may it be increased?

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