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How Religion
Deceives You

by Herbert W. Armstrong

It's positively astound­ing! It has remained un­discovered by science. Higher education has never taught it. And organized religion has withheld it. How? By suppressing the real gospel message Christ brought from heaven that reveals the awe­some purpose of human life.

PREPARE YOURSELF for the most shocking revela­tion of your life. Does it come as an astonishing shock to learn that the most important dimen­sion in all knowledge was sent from God to this earth by Jesus Christ—but that message was suppressed in the very first century? That Jesus Himself was put to death for revealing it? That His apostles, with one possible exception, were also martyred for proclaiming it?

Yet this message from the living God, if humanity had received and heeded it, would have saved this world from nearly all of its troubles, sufferings and evils.

The very word “gospel” means “good news.” That message, when fully understood, reveals a human potential so stupendous—so awesome—it appears at first to be totally beyond belief, yet it has been suppressed from the world until now.

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