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Why Christ’s Gospel was Suppressed

Christ’s message reveals the most necessary facts about humanity: what man is, the purpose for which mankind was put on earth, where we are going, what is the way to world peace, happiness and universal prosperity, what are the true values, what is the awesome human potential, and how it may be achieved.

Answers to these questions form the most important knowledge ever made accessible to man. Yet it was spurned and rejected, and soon suppressed.

Christ’s gospel message, when fully grasped, reveals what science has been utterly unable to discover. It reveals what religion in this world knows nothing of. It reveals what this world’s higher education has never known or taught.

It reveals the most wonderful TRUTH a human mind could ever come to know! It reveals the missing dimension in knowledge, the knowledge most vitally necessary to know.

It was the most monumental good news ever revealed by our Maker to mankind! Why would men have wanted to reject it—put to death the messenger who brought it?

Yes, why?

The answer is that men were DECEIVED. And all nations are deceived today!

The purpose of this booklet is to reveal HOW men were deceived and to make plain WHAT that good news really was. And is.

Nevertheless, it was suppressed. And that all-important revelation from the living God was not again proclaimed publicly to the world until our present generation.

Even today, most of humanity has never heard the glorious true gospel. And those millions who do hear it have been so drugged and stupefied by false religions and counterfeit “gospels” that they only become confused. The TRUTH, indeed, is stranger than any fiction! Prepare yourself to read astounding truth—hard to believe, yet TRUE!

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