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Did God Create It?

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Here is a bombshell of truth almost no one has understood. The world’s evils are attributed to human nature. But are babies born with this selfish, evil nature?

I OVERHEARD one say: “Just look at that beauti­ful, sweet little baby—and to think it’s filled with all that evil, despicable human nature!”

But was it?

Think of this paradox! How can it be explained? The human mind can produce wonders. We have sent successive teams of men to walk on the moon. We have returned them safely through the earth’s atmosphere.

Yet these marvelous human minds cannot solve our problems here on earth—cannot bring the world PEACE! WHY?

All the violence, war, crime, corruption, dishonesty, and immorality is blamed on HUMAN NATURE. But where did HUMAN NATURE come from? Did the Creator instill it within us from creation? Were we born with it? Why, as the Bible says, is the heart deceitful above all things? (Jer. 17:9). Did God create in us a nature that “is enmity [hostile] against God”? (Rom. 8:7.)

The answer requires a knowledge of the composition and nature of the human mind—accessible only by revelation. WHY does such wonderful MIND power work so much evil?

Did an all-loving, all-merciful, almighty GOD deliberately plague the human race He created with an inborn nature of vanity, lust, and greed—with a heart of hostility against God, of deceit, envy, jealousy, and hatred?

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