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End-Time Prophecies

Now consider some end-time biblical prophecies.

The longest prophecy in the Bible is Daniel 11. The 10th chapter is the prelude and the 12th the completion. In Daniel 11:40, the prophecy comes to the “time of the end” and continues in chapter 12. The prophet Daniel did not under­stand what he was being told to write. The angel said the words of the prophecy were closed up and sealed until the time of the end, when knowledge would be increased, and people would be traveling “to and fro.”

That time has come.

Knowledge has been increased at a breathtaking rate in the last 150 years. Indeed, it was claimed that the world’s fund of knowledge had doubled during the 1960s—although this increase was largely in the areas of medicine, science and technology. Also, people are traveling “to and fro” on the earth. The mode of travel from the beginning of civilization until 150 years ago was indeed very slow. Few people traveled more than 50 or 100 miles away from their homes. Travel for millennia was by foot, horseback, camelback, oxcart, rowboat or sailboat.

Construction on the steamboat was not begun by Robert Fulton until 1806. Then came the railroad. Travel by automo­bile has all come within my personal lifetime. I well remem­ber that when I was eleven years old automobiles were called horseless carriages. “Horseless carriages” were quite a sight. I remember, at the time, when I was eleven, my father calling out, “Oh, come to the front window quick, there goes a horseless carriage.” We all rushed to the front window to see the sight. Sure enough it was a “horseless carriage.” It was a carriage being pulled by a mule!

When I was twenty-three years old, as assistant secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of South Bend, Indiana, I was given the assignment of persuading the farmers in a township south of the city to sign up a petition agreement allowing a new cross country highway, called the “Dixie Highway,” from the Gulf to Canada to go through their township. It was not a paved highway. It was gravel and dirt. Paved highways had not yet come. Today people are traveling to and fro by automobile, railroad and airplanes. Modern airports are jammed with people “going to and fro.”

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