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What is
the Reward
of the Saved?

What assurance have we that our departed loved ones have gone to heaven? By WHAT AUTHORITY have we believed that we shall go to heaven, if weíre saved?

by Herbert W. Armstrong

THIS may be a little shocking — but I want to ask you a candid question: Did you ever look into your Bible to see whether it really does say you will ever go to heaven, if you are saved? Did you ever look into your Bible to see what it reveals about what the saved shall inherit for eternity?

Itís going to come as a surprise to most of you to real­ize that you never did. Of course, youíve always heard that youíll go to heaven, if youíre saved. Youíve just accepted it, probably. But did you ever stop to PROVE it? Did you ever try to find it promised in your Bible? If you do, youíll probably be even more surprised!

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