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What do you mean. . .

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Do you realize not one in a hundred knows what salvation is  —  how to get it — when you receive it? Don't be  too  sure you do! Here, once for all, is the truth made so plain you will really understand it!

C OULD you, yourself, answer these questions? If some­one asked you to open your Bible and show him exactly where the Bible says salvation means going
to heaven — could you do it?

       Is salvation a place, a destination, a condition, a re­ward — or what? . . . and where would you turn in your Bible to find it? Are you sure?
       Could you open your Bible and show a questioner where it tells you when you receive salvation? Do you ac­tually get it now, when you die, when Christ returns — or at some other time? This booklet will show you plainly.
       Are you, at conversion, an inheritor, an heir to inherit, or what — and just what does one inherit?
       Suppose you were asked what connection there is be­tween salvation and that whole third of the Bible devoted to prophecy. Could you explain it? Another third or more of the Bible is taken up with history. Can you explain the connection of this vast amount of Scripture with salva­tion? Can you believe
MOST of the Bible is totally uncon­cerned with the matter of salvation?

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