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What do you mean


by  Herbert  W.  Armstrong

Can a Christian commit a SIN, AND STILL BE A CHRISTIAN?     Or    would

this be “the unpardonable sin”? Or would it prove he never was a Christian? Thou­sands worry, because they do not UNDERSTAND what IS the sin that shall never be for­given.

NOT SO LONG AGO, a professing Christian — a prominent churchman, of what denomination I never knew — was murdered for allegedly committing adultery. Many said, “That man was no Christian! No real Christian could ever commit adultery.”

I never knew the man. I merely read of it in the newspapers. It is not for me to judge whether he had ever been really a Christian — or, for that matter, whether he was guilty of the alleged adultery.

But, as a hypothetical case, what if a professing Christian did commit adultery? Would that prove he never was a Christian? Or, suppose he had been a genuinely converted man, utterly sincere in his Christian life, and that he did commit the adultery. Could he still be a really converted Christian after committing the adultery? — or was the adultery, under those circumstances, “the unpardonable sin”? Would God forgive, on repentance?

THAT question I can answer!

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