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Why Humanity
Solve Its Evils

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Today nuclear weapons threaten human
Why? What happens now?

WHY DO we lack the know-how to solve world troubles—or even problems between indi­viduals?


Scientists have said, “Given sufficient knowledge, we will solve all problems, remove all human evils.” In the decade of the sixties, Dr. Clark Kerr, president of the University of California, Berkeley, said the modern university is a factory—manufacturing knowledge. In that decade the world’s fund of knowledge doubled—but world troubles doubled also! The newly produced knowledge did not cause the increased troubles, but neither did it cure them.


Knowledge in modern science, technology, industry and government has produced awesome achievements. A Lincoln, Emerson or Vanderbilt, suddenly coming back to life today would be astounded! But also he would be appalled to see the immorality, violence and evils that have multiplied human unhappiness and suffering. And he would be shocked into consternation to learn that nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction have been produced that now threaten to erase all humanity from the earth!

During the past century the theory of evolution has become the universally accepted concept through which knowledge has been produced. Evolution is the explanation of the natural mind for the existence of a creation without the preexistence of an intelligent and all-powerful Creator. But what has been its fruits?

Human knowledge production has led the way through discontent, unhappiness, violence, war, human suffering, to near-approaching extermination of humanity by humanity!

WHY the paradox of astonishing materialistic progress amid ever-increasing human decadence?

Yes, WHY?

Mankind is comparable to the one who purchased a technically designed instrument, but was unable to operate it because he ignored the manufacturer’s operation manual. The human mind and body is the most perfectly designed mechanism ever produced from earthly material substance. Our Maker sent along with his product his operation manual. But this world’s bestseller has been the most ignored, distorted, falsely interpreted and least understood of all books.

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