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The Seven Laws of



WHY are only the very few — women as well as men — successful in life?

Just what is success?

Here is the surprising answer to life’s most difficult problem, proving that NO HUMAN NEED EVER BECOME A FAILURE!

All who have succeeded have fol­lowed these seven laws!

The only WAY to success is not a copyrighted formula being sold for a price. You can’t buy it! The price is your own application to the seven existing laws.

DID IT EVER occur to you that there might be a reason why so many people make a failure of life? Not only men and career women, but wives and mothers too!

Are you one who is wrestling with the problem of “making ends meet”? Nearly all of us are. This problem need not mean failure — yet it often leads to it.

It is a fact — the vast majority do wind up failures. Yet none need fail!

Take a look at the facts in the world.

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