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The Questions

But how can we know, today, WHICH day is the true seventh day God blessed and made holy AT CREATION?

Has time been lost? Has the calendar been CHANGED? Were not ten days dropped out of it at one time?

And how about living on a round earth? Does not one either “gain a day,” or “lose a day” in traveling around the world?

And how about JOSHUAS LONG DAY? Did that change the weekly cycle?

How can we know that the name “Saturday,” which is a pagan name, was placed on the seventh day of the week ac­cording to the Hebrew calendar?

To all these questions, there is a definite answer — and many lines of POSITIVE PROOF! God’s Word says “Prove all things.” Let us banish all prejudice. Let us throw out precon­ceived or past opinions. Let us investigate and find the TRUTH.

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