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What About “TARRY Meetings”?

Are “tarry meetings” scriptural? Is this the BIBLE meth­od?

It must be remembered that there are many different types of “Pentecostal” people. And so their ways differ.

But perhaps with the majority of these people, the method is as follows: The “seeker,” as he is called, must attend a “tarry meeting” along with other “seekers” and with those, where possible, who already “have their baptism” as it is expressed. The seekers are told to say such phrases as “Glory! Glory!” over and over. Constantly they are urged to “say it a little faster.” Variations of this phrase are “Hallelujah” or “Praise you Jesus!” Constantly the “seeker” is told to keep it up, faster and faster, not to become discouraged. Sometimes they are told to lift the arms above their heads, and hold them there. When they become so tired they are unable to hold them longer in the air, others will come and support their arms.

In other forms of the “tarry meeting” a group of seekers assemble together, with, where possible, some who already have “received their baptism.” Children must be left at home. Only “seekers” are permitted. All pray aloud at once, begging God to give them the “blessing.” For hours, often lasting until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, they continue to beg, plead, and agonize.

Occasionally, perhaps after many of these “tarry meetings,” one or more of a company will begin to “speak in tongues,” and are then acknowledged by all as having received “their bap­tism.” Nothing but “speaking in tongues” will be accepted as the evidence of “the baptism.”

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