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Is the
True Church?

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Jesus Christ said, “I will build my church.” He did not say “churches,” denomi­nations, “sects.” He said the gates of hell would not prevail against that Church. Some­where that original true Church exists today. But WHERE? WHICH? WHAT is the Church? WHY is it? Here is the eye-opening plain TRUTH!

WHAT about this whole church question—as it concerns YOU? WHERE IS the original true Church that Jesus Christ founded—the one the living Jesus Christ STILL HEADS today? That is the question that haunted me, back in 1926 and early 1927.

I had been reared, like many of our readers, in one of the respected and older Protestant denominations. From infancy I was taken to Sunday school and church. I was told that I was “saved” because I had a “birthright membership” in the church. I didn’t know much about what my church believed—but I don’t remember worrying about that.

But by age 18 I lost interest, and seldom attended after that. On leaving school I entered the advertising profession. I was ambitious. I craved STATUS. So I worked hard, studied continually to improve my abilities, drove myself relentlessly toward that goal of STATUS!

Then, after nationwide occurrences totally beyond my control had twice taken businesses I had started, I was angered into an intensive study of the Bible for the first time in my life. So far as the Bible was concerned, I had always said, “I just can’t UNDERSTAND the Bible.”

Strange—I had always craved understanding—but about other things. The Bible seemed to me a dry, dull, dead Book that NOBODY could understand. I assumed, of course, that the churches had received all their beliefs, teachings and customs from the Bible—but then, I just had no interest in religion.

But finally, early fall of 1926, I was challenged! I was doubly challenged! My wife had taken up with “religious fanaticism”—that is, it seemed fanaticism to me! She claimed she found it IN THE BIBLE—but I knew well that was impossible, because it was a belief and practice utterly CONTRARY to the churches.

“All these churches can’t be wrong,” I said. “They get their teaching from the Bible, and this fanaticism of yours is contrary to what they teach.”

“Well, maybe they teach contrary to the Bible, then,” my wife insisted, “because I got THIS out of the BIBLE!”

Argument was no use. She said if I’d show her where the Bible taught differently, she’d give it up, but not otherwise.

At the same time a sister-in-law challenged me in regard to the theory of evolution. I had never happened to study evolution in school or college. She said I was just plain IGNORANT if I didn’t believe in evolution! This stung my pride! Me IGNORANT? What an INSULT!

“All right,” I answered, “I’ll study into the evolutionary theory thoroughly, and if you’re wrong, as I know you are, I’ll PROVE IT to you, and make you eat those words!”

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