The Unthinkable Will Happen

by Herbert W. Armstrong


Well Brethren, I guess it's still the same old thing--there is both good news and bad news. And there's some wonderfully good news clear beyond human comprehension. . . coming, but there's some bad news still completely beyond comprehension that is coming first. And God has told us to prepare for it. And has shown us how He is going to protect us. But the UNTHINKABLE IS COMING!

           There's an article coming in the Plain Truth which I saw yesterday. Let me see I don't know that I have, I guess I have the title of it here. It will probably be in the August number maybe September -- "Humanity Won't End In a Nuclear Holocaust". As a matter of fact it will be the lead article of the Plain Truth and I have already approved the cover for it. I haven't read all of the article myself, but I want to read you just a little bit of it.

           It is pretty much built around a quotation from a former Harvard professor who gave this report to the Plain Truth, is now president of the Physicians for Social Responsibility. And this is the quote: "Survival is the only issue that matters now. The other issues pale into total insignificance if we don't do anything about it " (that is the nuclear war threat) "within ten to twenty years we'll all be killed anyhow."

           And most people don't realize what the hydrogen bomb will do. There is a great deal of talk about it but it seems that in television they're afraid to show you the reality of it and what really will happen. And it IS going to happen! Well I'll come to that. But I want to read you the description that is here and this is giving you a little bit of an advance peek into a coming Plain Truth but I think it is good for us to have it now anyway."

           "In the first milliseconds after detonation, gamma radiation would kill everything within six miles." Just in milliseconds. "And electromagnetic pulse created by the nuclear blast would fuse all unprotected circuitry within several hundred miles knocking out communication. A fire ball would consume everything with 280 square miles" (now this is only one bomb-- 280 square miles) "in 10 seconds, followed by a blast wave that would flatten remaining structures within four and one-half miles and severely damage other buildings dozens of miles away. If the device exploded above the ground, hundreds of tons of debris, now highly radioactive, would be thrown into the air, returning and settling for days afterward as fine, deadly ash.

           And the long-term effects are as devastating as the initial blast. If the device exploded on the ground, the surrounding area would be uninhabitable for decades." (Now imagine if that was New York City. This is only talking about one bomb on one city. I am going to read you something from the Bible just a little later.) "The high radiation would kill most, if not all, of the local bird population, allowing the exponential growth of radiation-resistant insects.

           Radioactive particles would cause 'beta burns' and kill plant life. Radioactive fallout would be carried into water supplies and aquifers through streams and lakes, rendering drinking water unfit in many areas." (And many areas outside of the area of the city in which the bomb fell. And they know how to hit the target right on the nose today too.)

           "Burn victims and the injured would find the hospitals obliterated in the blast or clogged with other victims.

           In short, society as we know it today would be taxed to its limits by a single blast, and unable to function in the event of a minor nuclear attack."

           Now that is just one nuclear bomb. Just one nuclear bomb.

           And now we need to realize. I want to show you what's prophesied and it's not going to be one city only but many cities. And supposing that bombs like I just read, the description like I just read, would hit New York, also hit Boston, and hit Washington in the East, and hit Chicago, and hit Houston Texas, and Kansas City, and Denver, and Los Angeles, and San Francisco. And possibly in the Pacific northwest, well just say Portland because that would reach Seattle too. What would be left of the United States of America? . . . The nation would be GONE! . . . And I'm going to show you what God says will happen.

           ( To be continued at a later date . . . )

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